Frequently Asked Questions.
Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a charge for the Right onCourse programs?

Yes there is a fee associated with all of our services. You may know someone who has received a program at no cost to them—they likely received the program through their employer.

How many coaching sessions do I get with my individual program?

Included in your base subscription you will have 2 hours of coaching. One is assigned to Personal Branding—use it to get advice on creating your personal brand and to craft your online and offline presence. Use the other to have your coach help you prepare for interviewing.

At any time, you are able to add additional coaching in 30 minute increments. Contact us and we will send you a link to add-to or renew your program.

Where will I meet my coach?

The Right onCourse programs offer telephone and multimedia-based coaching.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit card payments.

Do I get a refund if I land a role before my program is complete?

No, our program is set up in such a way that most of the knowledge transfer occurs in the beginning of your program. You can, however, continue to use the program while we support you through negotiating the offer and through the onboarding process.

What if I want more information before I make a decision?

Email us at and we’ll contact you within two business days to discuss any questions you might have regarding the Right onCourse program.

What happens at the end of my program?

The base program has a three month minimum at $105 per month. Your subscription will then continue at $15 per month until you decide not to renew it.

You can choose to end it after the three month minimum, but to access any Add-ons you have purchased, your subscription must be current.

What if I only need a Resume? Networking skills? Social Networking profile? Etc.

Our services are not available à la carte—only as part of a program.

Are you a recruiting firm or do you work with specific recruiters?

No, we do not match people with jobs but focus on equipping people with skills and behaviors they need to wow employers. By posting your profile and information on our Right Job Opportunity board, you are making your resume visible to recruiters. Last year over 17,000 recruiters logged into the site.

What if I don’t need to use certain parts of your program?

Our programs can be fully customized to your individual needs and experience; you can work with your coach to come up with a plan that will work for you.

What if I have a vacation scheduled and I need to take some time off?

You can put the program on hold for as long as your program is active. Arrangements can be made with your coach.

How do I add on to my program?

Please email us at

Don't see your question above?

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

Right onCourse offers a 2-week, no restrictions, money-back guarantee. Simply contact your career coach within two weeks of your initial purchase, or contact us at

Otherwise, you can chose to end your base subscription after the minimum three months, or any month thereafter. We just ask that you give your coach notification two weeks prior to the end of your current month’s subscription.